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Our Pilgrim Father Hacı Hüseyin Yıldız (K.S)

Our pilgrim father was known for his nickname. Our Holiness was born in 1914 in Bahçeköy, the nearest village of Düzce. They received their education from madrasah teachers in their village and in Düzce. Between the ages of 20 and 25, he meets with a variety of industrial izam, all come and join us, but none of them go. The central preacher goes to Hacı Halil Efendi. He'il take care of it all his life. Hacı Halil Efendi left his material and spirituality to Hacı Father when he passed away. Our pilgrim father continued his spiritual duty from 1950 to 1965. After 1965, he continued to be open, his guidance. During this time, they themselves always engage in the Qur'an and the Sunnah. He didn't spare the best of people.


Our pilgrim father was a heartfelt sultan. Both Düzce and in all provinces was one of the most popular and respected scholars. such that he would play with the little boy. He put the love of Allah and the Messenger in his heart. We ate together, we drank together. He never made a distinction. We lived like the Companions. Someone comes from outside while our Prophet is sitting and chatting with the Companions; which of you says the prophet. Sahaba also showed the Resul Erkem. Here is exactly our pilgrim father böyleydi.55-year-old master who served as kamil never I'm married I did not say sheik, I never used the word. He always used his own expressions. His aim was already exquisite struggle.


Our pilgrim father started the Yığılca accident in his early years. Day and night without saying snow winter began to spread the zikrullah on the way of Allah. He used to carry both the remembrance of Allah and love, respect and tolerance. For his ummah Muhammad, he attached great importance to unity and solidarity. He always loved the employee for this country and nation and prayed for them and kept them ahead. He was the epitome of love for Humanity. He never made a distinction. He was always looking with one eye. Perfect man, what a beautiful person. He would see his heart, not the outside. Faith would increase the degree of all those who do, and those who have a lot of self-discipline and exhilaration.


He was not on top of him in the struggle with the exquisite. The smoothie was sweet verbal. He used to explain what he was going to do with a model and give the necessary lesson. Whether dervish from outside, or guests; whatever he needed (material and spiritual) he would meet them. They were very unobtrusive. He was more compassionate and merciful than a father and mother. Our pilgrim father used to tell us a memory of his own sheik. A pilgrim goes to the magazine while my father is fasting. They bought winter wood. The wood will break, but no one is. That's when my pilgrim father comes. Sheikh says, break my baby wood, and he takes the ax and breaks it. When she breaks it a little, sheik eats fast. You say, "Leave the ax, run away, what a sheik." What kind of saint. But he immediately recovers and says, O dervish, do your duty to break wood. He is both a great and a Western scholar. The sheik looks good-bye through the window while you think he's out. Here is the examination of the disciple-master. After that, the pilgrim loves our father. He took care of her upbringing.


Hacı father, the Sultan of Gönüller, passed away on the 25th of August 2005 in Düzce. The grave sheriffs are now in the city cemetery of Düzce. They worked in the way of Allah until the age of 99. dikr until the last breath, was in the idea. He left one after him. But he does not emerge. “The whole congregation will work for 10 or 15 years, and whoever is broader will continue.”


In the meantime, while our pilgrim father, some of us away from us. If they become sheikhs today, never give them credit. Yes, which means that we have a moral brother, but it must have been at least that many years.

It works for the unity and solidarity of the homeland and nation; Loving people who work with their lives in the path of Allah, hearts flowing to the heart, compassion and compassion of a wide, unrivaled people in the struggle for exquisite; You established your morality and took it from the circumcision and passed it on to us. You taught us love and respect. You taught the service. May our pleasure and contentment. Amen Ta-ha and Ya-sin.

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The extraordinary situation of our father


Our sultan said in a conversation that your pilgrim father passed away tomorrow.

When telling someone; Since you have worked so hard, have you ever seen the miracle of your sheikh;


What would you say. We heard the following from our brother and sister.


1— Although our pilgrim father had no income, all the dervishes coming from the east and west would return to their hometowns in abundance, abundance, abundance and abundance.


2— each of the offspring comes to Düzce. He would have traveled all this time and his journey would be complete without bleeding. Our pilgrim father could not rest until they entered his house.


3 - After the 1980s, during the times when the state was in various troubles and crises, we did not have any deficiency to Mevla thanks to our works and worship. Because we are the ones who work and pray for the unity and solidarity of this country and nation.


4— A poor brother who took the lesson that met our pilgrim father and worked faithfully on the path of heart, had every financial opportunity. The wife of the unemployed. Our unmarried brothers and sisters, our pilgrim father married himself with his own hand. It became the home of our brothers who had no home. No more worldly troubles.


5— Our work is usually for the Hereafter. Nevertheless, small miracles will happen. In addition, there was no crack in the homes of our brothers in other provinces. This is the grace of our Almighty Mevlana to us. Thank goodness.


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